Clutter-free time tracking based on an interactive timeline

TimeTurtle 🐢 is a time tracker with minimal clutter that is based on a linear timeline. It has an interactive user experience, allowing you to see directly what you’ve spent your time on.
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Hi! This is Almar from The Netherlands. TimeTurtle is my first product, and I’m excited to launch it here today! Working as a freelancer, I've never been happy with existing time trackers. I found they often had too many features, and therefore failed to do the one thing well. I always felt that the UX missed the notion of time being linear. Last year I decided to have a serious go myself, using my experience with visualization and user interaction to create something unique. Well, hopefully unique enough to stand out among the many other time trackers 😊 Any feedback, advice or comments are much appreciated! 🙏 Thanks! PS: Apply the PRODUCTHUNT coupon at checkout to receive a 33% discount on the Pro plan (valid until the end of August). ✨
I think there is a room for improvement in its design. It could be refined more.
Hi @mikedane7, thanks for trying out and giving feedback! Yeah, design is not my strong suit 🙂 Do you have some specifics that I can work on?
I like the idea of it, it's easy to use, I wish the icons were improved to look a little more modern or make it more purposefully stylized. I think you should move the date along the vertical column a little more to the left as it feels too close to the schedule. It feels like it will almost touch or will overlap and could become hard to read. I don't think you really need that info though and keeping it in the top seems fine. I wish you had a few more labels or maybe hover states. What does clicking on my initials do? Does it just refresh? I would have expected account info when clicking on my initials though to be far it doesn't look like a button. I know it's out of scope but a calendar view would be cool. I think you should repeat the background pattern on the colored time block for more visual interest or something, maybe just adding a clock icon pattern or something. If I had more time I'd offer a design mock-up of some small improvements but I'm pretty busy.
Hi @softsound, these are all very valuable suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to write them up! I've noted your points for the next re-design.
Somehow the Youtube link got lost, and I can't see how to update it, so here it is: https://youtu.be/3F0vCWz7804
Looks nice and clean enough. Will try it out.