Create your own countdowns, as easy as 3, 2, 1

#3 Product of the DayJune 01, 2018

Timetaco lets you easily create your own countdown with custom background + Unsplash and push notifications!

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Hello product hunters, My friend Stelios and I wanted to post some countdowns to events we liked, to get our friends excited about them, but we couldn't find any sites that made that easy. So, we did what any reasonable person would never do, we built our own. TimeTaco lets you easily create your own, beautiful, embeddable countdowns, with custom backgrounds (or a random, gorgeous Unsplash photo) and in-browser push notifications. Let us know what you think!
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@stavrosk Hey this is really nice, was looking something like this for events and confs! Of course a little API to POST date and receive and URL would be nice. In fact, and as usual, when I found something so cool like this I try to create a little script to integrate it.
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@alvarezsebastian Hmm yeah, that wouldn't be hard to do. What sort of integration were you thinking of?
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@stavrosk Well my job is integrating Slack on my company, so probably something like that.. but I know that at the first stage of a product this isn't a goal, that's why I wrote those proof of concepts.
@alvarezsebastian I like that idea, we might implement a simple API endpoint pretty soon, thanks!
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@stavrosk Great!, will subscribe to get updates. Probably my boss would like to see in action inside Slack. Again great product!
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Love the idea :) It's easy way to get more excited.
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If I understand correctly, they are landing pages only to be used via the Timetaco domain. Any idea if the same can be ported to a domain I own?
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@graciousgarg You can use the embed feature to embed the tacos you create to your website. Just click the "< >" button on the bottom right corner of the taco you are interested in adding to your website.
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@stelabouras Had missed it. Thanks.
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@graciousgarg We are thinking about making custom domains a paid feature though, would that interest you?
@stelabouras How would that work? You adding a 301 redirect to the custom URL?
@stelabouras @graciousgarg No, you'd point a CNAME to us and you'd get a whole hosted TimeTaco instance.
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Love this, the simplicity is great! It would be cool if I could use a date format that has all days and not months. Top work and love the embed feature.
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@craigjbarber Thanks for your feedback Graig! I am interested in why just an all days format is easier to read than X months Y days though. Do you have an example?
@stelabouras Hey, I don't have an example... but it's just a thought : ) could be counters in all seconds, all days etc.

An excellent option for fast countdown timers for confs and events when you have no time to create one.


Simple, nice, useful



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