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Hi Product Hunters! I am here announcing a time tracking app that allows you to actively manage and monitor various tasks on your iPhone. It is ideal for repetitive daily routines, homemaking tasks, personal projects, or any activity people want to track and control. Tasks Time Tracking is currently available on the App Store worldwide, and I would love to ear your thoughts. Thanks for your support, and please let me know what can I do to make it better.
@fms_martins what is app monetization plan?
@chandan_im the app is free to use with two task slots. If a user wants to extend the number of tasks he can buy 3 more slots for $0.99, 10 more slots for $2.99 or unlock the limit for $4.99.
@chandan_im Thanks, I am really glad you like it =)
@fms_martins I like the UI. I am hoping that you have a functionality for Punch in / out of office without time recording but let the app calculates the duration between punch in to punch out.
What sets this app apart from other time-tracking apps?
Hi @raghum_ , when I start using time tracking apps, I missed the geofence alerts to alert me to start and stop the timers, so I decide to build one to fill my own needs. And despite other excellent time tracking apps, sometimes I also get the need, to track more than one task at the same time. And last but not the least, most time tracking apps doesn't allow me to adjust the start date from a active timer. This for me is the thing I really need, because now if I forget to start a timer, I simple start a timer and then I adjust to the correct time. All this in a way that don't interfere to a simple use of the app.
Always loved the way @fms_martins apps came out. If anyone needs a time tracking tool, you should give it a try, and let him know what you would like to see there
Thanks @joantune, it is really nice to know that =) Cheers
@fil1426 nice app, does it have integration with any other apps to record time and tasks completion like producteev or wunderlist?
@csabounjian @fil1426 Hi, thanks for asking. Currently it doesn't have any outside integration. On latter versions my plan is to study how well this could be done and which platforms make sense. But honestly for now, my priority is to have it working on more devices to fill a cycle. After that even the exportation I want to improve it to generate pdf receipts. There is a long road ahead, and this is the first step =)