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Timekit helps you build and deploy online booking flows to create a branded experience that grows your business by allowing you to connect with customers in new ways.

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Hey Producthunt! It's been a while Almost 2.5 years ago we launched our small, flexible, and open source booking widget called booking.js right here on product hunt. It was meant for you to connect your Google calendar, fetch availability and customize the experience via simple changes directly to the js. Today, 10,000 commits and 700 releases later we're tieing everything together in the all-new Timekit to help companies schedule, at scale (👏 to those who can guess how long we estimated it would take 😂🤓) Specifically, we've been working on making Timekit a building block for companies with a ton of assets (persons/items) they need to turn into bookable resources. Here's a small extract of what we've added: 🖥Hosted Admin Dashboard built 100% on the Timekit API 🔌A new infrastructure designed with more secure auth. 📡A new sync engine with Microsoft and improved Google connection on top of our own native calendar solution 🖥New availability and event settings like buffer time, scheduling notice and future look out. 🐞Debugging tools like request log and calendar sync logs 📊Reporting and Insights And many many more improvements and features. We fundamentally believe the Internet needs an open, flexible building block for scheduling and the entire team has worked incredibly hard to get here, so cannot wait to hear your thoughts.
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Great product!
We really like timekit. Great product!
Excellent update, Timekit crew! Keep up the great work.