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@ffumarola We are actually working also integrating with Outlook and iCal - so users don't have to worry about which calendar provider their contact might use. An admin feature is a great idea - we'll probably soon release an overview of our roadmap of all the features we have in store for you. Don't hessitate to ask me if you have any questions :)
This is pretty sweet and I could see a large need, especially in organizations that rely on Google Apps. Any enterprise plans for 50+ users where the Apps Admin can "force" all users into Timebird? Would make scheduling meetings much easier!
@ffumarola - this problem is incredibly common. I used to use Google Calendar's "find a time" feature but even that is difficult to use with more than a couple invitees.
looks great but I thought we weren't supposed to be posting beta products @rrhoover ? maybe you could give is a cheat sheet of what we can and can't hunt? cheers :-)
@helencrozier - you're absolutely right that there needs to be a clearer definition of what's encouraged. At the end of the day, it's what the community wants to discover and talk about; however, since every product that's posted hits the front page, I have to be a bit more "editorially subjective" using the feedback I've received. In some cases pre-launch products are nothing more than a Launchrock page (no offense to Launchrock) and look like vaporware. Timebird provides more information and a video walkthrough of the product which I believe is why it has 11 upvotes (as of now). I'm exploring ways to manage this, possibly with tagging but I'd love your feedback, preferably via email or Twitter so we don't highjack this thread. ;)