Schedule your posts to Instagram from any device

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This is a much needed Instagram feature for businesses.
If they are not using the API, they'll probably be shut down if it takes off.
@karangoel agree. there is no api method. in case of massive posting they will be blocked for sure
@karangoel You are correct, "if it takes off" implies a number of challenges before then. Not dissimilar to any startup trying to change things for the better! We are confident however none of the Instagram terms are being violated, fear not.
How do they do it? As I know there is no way to post programmatically, no api method. @eddyroche please elaborate. :)
@diserkin I've seen some other apps do this. In a nutshell, you reverse engineer the endpoint for posting a photo.
@art_chang it is very risky. instagram can block your app sooner or later.
@diserkin so is being a large corporate not paying taxes in the US! ;o) Until Instagram open their API, perhaps we have to take a few calculated risks here and there..
@diserkin Thanks for your question. I will have to leave all technical Q's for our CTO, Seb. He can weigh in and answer questions where it makes sense to do so. As of now, we don't intend to reveal our entire methodology on public forums. Cheers
When do you guys plan the release?
@mskakala for the time geing, the only way to get a front row seat is to register. We are currently letting people through, and general general availability should be announced... well.. soon? Just how soon is soon is more the question to be honest!
@mskakala Hi Martin. We're onboarding a limited number of users each week with the goal of keeping things exclusive and ensuring we are servicing each client as best we can before allowing more in. Sign up for an invite @ www.timeagram.com and we'll be sure to keep everyone in the loop with any changes in our strategy as we progress.
instagram should just open their api endpoint :>
@orliesaurus upvote +1 like follow support approve back agree concur... unfortunately they have reasons not to, it seems!