Time Machine

Re-discover the best products from Product Hunt.

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Nice work, @thomasmeagher, and I love that you created a collection of tools found on PH to build this. I've been fascinated with nostalgia's use in marketing and product design (I wrote about this almost exactly a year ago) and @eriktorenberg and I just published a video with Forbes on this topic:
P.S. I just added to my collection of Nostalgic Apps.
@eriktorenberg @rrhoover Thanks, collections work really great for sharing tools! I missed out on the first months of PH and wanted something to discover/reminisce about the early days. Love the video content btw!
Time Machine lets you jump back to any day on Product Hunt so you can re-discover the best new products again (or for the first time). Every day, Time Machine showcases products from a year ago. Four months ago, I had never made an app. I found a bunch of products on PH, got inspired, and started learning. Here's the collection I used to build Time Machine. PS: I hid a few cats in the app. AMA.
If I could upvote this twice...I would!
@uxandrew Thanks, Andrew :)
Very very helpful ๐Ÿ™
@guillaume_ Thanks! I thought so too!