We all know and hate the guilty feeling we get when we procrastinate. With Time 2, that feeling is a thing of the past. To use the app, you add a task like "Tweak Sketch mockups, 30 minutes.” & a brightly colored timer counts down as you work. This timer helps you feel a slight twinge of pressure so you get your work done.

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This looks really cool! Will you have an Android version?
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@siororke We have gotten a lot of requests for this! Eventually we might, but right now it is not on the roadmap.
Hi Product Hunt community! My name is Shaan Singh. As we all know, being productive is extremely hard, especially when you have to set your own schedule. As a student, I understand this firsthand, but the same applies to developers, designers, and especially freelancers. The problem is simple: when working on something, like "Tweak Sketch file," it's too easy to get distracted in the middle of the task. How can we overcome the psychology of procrastination and stay focused? Time 2 is the solution. You can plan out your entire day, or even week, in terms of blocks of time. So, you might have "Tweak Sketch file, 30 minutes." When you start this task, a timer begins counting down and a brightly colored wave moves down with it. If you put Time down on your desk with the timer counting down and try to get some work done, you'll notice yourself staying focused. Remarkably, that simple little timer and wave interface applies a subtle pressure that helps us avoid distractions. Erik and I put a lot of work into making Time 2 a reality. Since we're both students (Erik is 16, I'm 18), it took a tremendous amount of schedule weaving to make this app. Our original app, Time 1, came out in January 2017. It was the #1 product of the week on Product Hunt when it came out, and it topped App Store rankings all over the world. This was a fantastic experience for us, and we were so happy people loved Time. With Time 2, we've added so much more – multiday planning, repeating tasks, reminders, omnipresent progress bar, the list goes on. We're so excited to share this with you, and we hope it helps you become more productive :) Shaan
@shaandsingh Great to have you back on Product Hunt! I never used timers as a student but in hindsight wish I did. I use them almost daily now to stay focused on a task. What feature are you most excited about with Time 2.0?
@abadesi Hi! One of the cooler features in Time 2 that I haven't talked a lot about is the omnipresent progress bar. In the screenshots above, this is the big purple bar under the title. A lot of times, we procrastinate on actually starting our work. Let's say it's the evening, and you're feeling a bit lazy. You have a couple tasks left. The progress bar tracks how many tasks you've completed out of how many you have in Time for that day. As humans, we naturally like to complete things. So, an unfinished progress bar for the day is sometimes just the push we need to finish our work.
@shaandsingh Such a cool feature, thanks for letting me know 😄

I wish there were a few more options for organizing completed items or moving items around. For example, I accidentally left an item running on Thursday last week and incorrectly cancelled it today when I meant for it to be complete. I can't now record it as complete for Dec 7.


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I wish the history was cleaner.

Looks awesome! Wheres the Android version?
Just downloaded it on my iPhone. Gonna take it for a spin !