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Shaan SinghΒ β€” Founder & CEO of Blue Cocoa
Hi everyone,

Thanks Matthijs for posting this. My name is Shaan Singh. I'm 17 and am the CEO of Blue Cocoa. Erik is 15 and works with me on development and design. We built this app with a lot in mind:

1. How it makes you feel
The color-coded timers are designed to make your time glanceable. You don't need to even see the number. Green means you have a lot of time left, yellow means halfway done, and red means almost done. If you need more time, you can just drag the wave up. While using the app though, you'll notice that dragging that wave up feels bad. You don't want to do it. That's the whole idea!

2. The future
Our company is devoted to exploring artificial intelligence, and we felt that consumers deserve a taste of that. As you work on your tasks, AI algorithms will give you specific suggestions about how to be more productive. This is on a per-task basis. So as you do "math homework" for a couple days, the algorithm might say "you should move this task to 4pm because you're more productive with it around that time."

We believe that Time really works for becoming more productive. You can learn more by reading Matthijs' review here: http://thenextweb.com/contributo....

Shashwat PradhanΒ β€” CEO/Founder @emberify
@shaandsingh that's awesome! I remember when I started making apps back when I was 18, such a fun learning experience. (Tho they were nowhere near this level of polished) Good luck with it, the design looks brilliant
Shaan SinghΒ β€” Founder & CEO of Blue Cocoa
Joshua MeierΒ β€” Student at Harvard College
@shaandsingh Awesome work! When I was 15, I built my first iOS app on the same concept -- but without the AI and much worse looking :) Keep up the good work!
Shaan SinghΒ β€” Founder & CEO of Blue Cocoa
@joshim5 Thanks! :)
David KeeganΒ β€” Director of Design at Acorns
@shaandsingh this is awesome! You guys should really put the App Store badge prominently on your site. I almost didn't buy it because I didn't think it was available yet, the link is hidden as a link at the bottom of the page.
Shaan SinghΒ β€” Founder & CEO of Blue Cocoa
@iamkgn Thanks so much! Great point. We'll make that change.
Nir KourisΒ β€” Founder & CEO of NK- Innovation Strategy
@shaandsingh good luck πŸ˜„ looks useful !
Shaan SinghΒ β€” Founder & CEO of Blue Cocoa
@nirkouris Thanks!
Timur ZhabbarovΒ β€” Development director, Smart Course
@shaandsingh guys, does it sync somehow with G-calendar?
Shaan SinghΒ β€” Founder & CEO of Blue Cocoa
@zuluglobe Hi! Not at the moment. We are looking into ways to import tasks.
Timur ZhabbarovΒ β€” Development director, Smart Course
@shaandsingh it would be great to sync with events rather than tasks β€” both take time in the schedule, but only events are showed as such. Good luck :) and thank you for an app!
Shaan SinghΒ β€” Founder & CEO of Blue Cocoa
@zuluglobe Thanks for the well wishes! That's a great idea. If we ever implement a sync/import feature, we will be sure to import events as well.
Matthijs OtterlooΒ β€” Formerly @thenextweb, @wetransfer
Last week I found out about Time.

Time is an AI Powered App for your iOS Device which beats procrastination.
I tested the app for a few days while in beta and found out that the colored waves really motivated me to keep going! I would definitely recommend you trying this app to get the most out of your day!

Really curious what @rrhoover thinks about this πŸ˜‰
@matthijs_soest Thanks for posting, Matthijs!

We've built this app to help people to achieve maximum productivity.
The artificial intelligence makes suggestions on how you can improve your daily workflow and the intuitive design makes our app super easy to use.
Definitely make sure to check out our website, that lists all the cool features of Time: bluecocoa.com/time

I hope Time all helps you with your New Years resolutions! 😊
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback!
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