Monitoring employee's productivity

Monitoring employee's productivity throught screenshots and internet monitoring

Time tracking allows you to track employee's time and get advanced reports analysing productivity and performance.

Understand how your employees use their working time, what apps and websites are most used.

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This is a disgusting idea, sorry.
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@hrpaddy Hello Patrick, thank you for sharing your opinion. ;)
screenshot of employees screen? are you aware of privacy issues? I would be really surprised if anyone agreed to use this app.
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@orask Not surprised here. There are lots of organizations that record people's screens and monitor their internet. People just are oblivious or don't care as much that they do it.
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@joshenglish would you please refer to a source to back your claim? can you list some of these many organisations?
@orask I do some minor consulting in this area. I spoke to an HR member at a 50 person phone who said some managers watch back video recording of employees computers to ensure they are doing work.
@orask None of these organizations would admit outright to public but if you read the fine print of most employee handbooks you will notice language about monitoring.
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Great job!! 😊 Will try it out
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Is this set up to handle sensitive data? What if someone is entering credit card numbers, or opens a password manager? What kind of protection is there on the screenshots? A data breach from this could be very dangerous.
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@dprevite Hi Dan, thank you for your question, 1. In order to protect employee data from that kind of issues we don't use keylogger and employer cannot know which password employee enters. 2. Also to hide sensible data from screenshots all of them are blurred, so employer can approximately know which kind of site is that but cannot see the text on it. Thanks!!!
Hey @radu_bordei, Can you tell us more about your product? What was the hardest part about building it?