Tim Ferriss - Rainn Wilson (Dwight from the US Office)

Tim Ferriss - Rainn Wilson (Dwight from US office)

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Alex Carter
Alex Carter@alexcartaz · Operations @ 60dB. Ex-PH Podcasts 😻
"Rainn Wilson (@rainnwilson) is best known for playing "Dwight" on NBC's Emmy-Winning, "The Office”. He has also acted in "Super", "Cooties", "Juno", "Monsters vs. Aliens" and "The Rocker" among other movies. He co-founded SoulPancake, a media company that seeks to tackle "Life's Big Questions." He's a board member of Mona Foundation and co-founded Lidè, an educational initiative in rural Haiti that empowers young, at-risk women through the arts. He is the author of the brand-new book, The Bassoon King, which is his laugh-out- loud memoir.

We cover a lot in this episode, including:

- The value of “as if” exercises from drama school
- Meditation practices, and what constitutes a "win" in a session
- The origins of SoulPancake and the Kid President video mega-hit
- Favorite books, documentaries, and movies
- Acting as therapy (even for non-actors)
- The basics of Baha'i and what Rainn would put on a billboard
- The Sexy Nostril exercise