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Tim Ferriss' new digital series "Mythbusters meets Jackass"



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Chris SaccaΒ β€” Chairman, Lowercase Capital
Tim has deeply impacted me as a friend and a collaborator. Whether teaching me how to melt 23 pounds off my weight (who is counting?), encouraging me to not be my inbox's bitch, working together on our hottest investments like Uber and Twitter, or letting me in on the secret that the best scrambled eggs in the world have two yolks per white, I always learn from Tim.

This television project highlights his insatiable curiosity and his skill for reducing even the most complex endeavors down to the most approachable steps. It's great content. But I think even more important for PH users is the entrepreneurial journey Tim took to get this show made and then to wrest it from the hands of the corporate interests who held it hostage.

Tim is a founder through and through. Just when life gets comfortable, he risks it all over again. Hell yeah.
Tim FerrissΒ β€” Human Guinea Pig (itunes.com/timferriss)
@sacca Thank you so much for the incredibly kind words. You've taught me so much over the years. Swimming and investing are just the tip of the iceberg. Watching you grow as a dad and family man -- while continuing to slay it -- has been a huge inspiration and made me think about kids again. This is a big deal for me. Thanks for doing what you do.
Andrew Mager β™«Β β€” Moving people with code at Postmates.
@sacca @tferriss Don't forget tarragon with the eggs.

I second everything @sacca said. Tim, you've influenced me a ton! Excited for your latest project.
Kevin WimerΒ β€” CEO of LootMarket.com
@sacca Agreed. I'd love to hear more about how you figured out licensing / ownership of the content to finally get it released.
Kevin WimerΒ β€” CEO of LootMarket.com
@tferriss Same for me and I don't know him on a personal level. He has inspired more than he realizes I'm sure. Exact same for you also Tim Tim (using @kevinrose pet names for you makes me feel more a part of your circle).
Kevin WimerΒ β€” CEO of LootMarket.com
@kevinace Spoke to soon. Tim speaks to this on The @jaltucher Show - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podc...
Nick ZieberΒ β€” Consultant - Xpand, Hong Kong
@tferriss after hearing the story on the Maker Stories podcast I was really inspired to know this project will actually see the light of day. It makes me wonder how many incredible ideas have been shelved by corporations who just don't care enough because they don't see it as financially viable. Kudos to everyone involved in this cool adventure!
Tucker MaxΒ β€” CEO, Book In A Box
Two part question:

1. Who's the coolest #1 best selling author you know? (If it's not me, please ignore this question)

2. Seriously though, I think a lot of people will be interested in this: if I was in my 20s and looking for a really promising area to focus on, what should I pick? Not to invest, but to work in? In other words, if you were to start again today, what fields would you focus in and why? (I get this question all the time, I think it's a really good one)
Tim FerrissΒ β€” Human Guinea Pig (itunes.com/timferriss)
#1) 100% Tucker Max, obviously. He's also 10x the man I'll ever be :)
#2) I've thought about this. I would say any 15-25-person startup that is growing super quickly, where you'd be able to observe (or ideally report to) the principal dealmakers (CEO, COO, VP biz dev, VP sales, etc.). The "hot" sectors change so quickly in tech, and you can definitely choose a great industry but a bad company with bad leadership. I prefer to focus on size and growth rate. That will max out your learning and skill acquisition, even if it's a waste disposal company.
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