Simple time tracker for macOS

A simple, minimal Mac menu bar time tracking app:
∙ Create, track, and edit multiple tasks
∙ Charts with a visual breakdown of hours. Export to CSV or JSON
∙ Secure: data is only kept locally on your Mac
∙ Various time formatting & display preferences
  • Jamal Mashal
    Jamal MashalTravel, code, repeat!

    Easy to use and does the job


    - Need a faster way to add/edit the tasks in one view/list - Doesn't show the current task in the bar

    I love this app, I was looking for something like this just couple days ago. I would love to see more features soon. For example a reminder every X mins to ask user if still working on the same task or switch to a different one. Most of the time I work one different project simultaneously and could forget to update the tracker. And have top-level projects and task under it. so you can track the whole project. <3

    Jamal Mashal has used this product for one day.
  • jlozano
    jlozanoHello. 👋 I'm a passionate developer.

    It's a good idea, good product! very useful! good luck! 👍😀


    Nothing to say

    This product was very useful for me.

    jlozano has used this product for one day.
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Garth Poitras
Garth PoitrasMaker@neat
Hi! I made this app for myself to keep track of time working on various projects and wanted to share it with anyone who may find it useful. There are tons of time tracking apps but none with the features I wanted - native UI, simple UX, secure/local data, data exporting, daily or total time display, & charts. I also wanted to refresh my Swift skills, which I haven't flexed since Swift 2 😁 Some things I learned: Always test your apps on all of the macOS versions you support! There could be subtle internal Apple bugs you don't see on older OSs and negative reviews will roll in and hurt you. Also, good marketing screenshots go a long way. Thanks for checking it out!
shawn roos
shawn roos@shawnroos · Making dat Product.
Looks great, really simple, which is a feature, not a bug! I'd update the PH listing as it says the app is available for App Store not Mac App Store (which got me really excited, and then kinda upset) would love an iOS version though with iCloud sync
Tim Cook
Tim Cook@thetimcook · Web Creative
I approve of that name.
Carlos Alba
Carlos Alba@carlosalba3 · Software Student
Shutup and take my money!!! 💰
Carlos Alba
Carlos Alba@carlosalba3 · Software Student
Just bought it. feels good. @neat
Ankur Biswas
Ankur Biswas@i_ankurbiswas · Software Engineer | Web Developer
Looks really nice and very useful indeed.