Tiltagon has come rolling back with a vengeance!

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Nice concept!
@lukaszimmerli Thank you! To our knowledge tilt controls are not that common nowadays so that's why we wanted to make a game using them.
Tiltagon is currently featured on App Store's 'Best New Updates' category in 133 countries! The position is between 6 and 9 which is really good considering the big games we're up against. Thank you all for the support! :)
@jyrikilpelainen This game has potential
@mrwongsteven @jyrikilpelainen Thank you! Fingers crossed people will download it :)
@jyrikilpelainen for sure ppl will. it's original and looks great. if you have a multiplayer version, i think it will make it more viral.
@mrwongsteven @jyrikilpelainen We have been thinking about adding a multiplayer feature. The game is coming to Apple TV where local multiplayer mode would fit perfectly.
This game is a lot of fun and it looks great. I'm terrible at it, but I just keep playing ha.
@jakecrump Thank you Jake! It is a challenging game for sure :-)