Tilt Brush by Google

Paint in spaces around you with Virtual Reality

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I'm no painter but this floored me. Watch the product demo video. Has anybody actually played with this in person?
@alirtariq It's pretty awesome...it took us an hour to get a creative director out of the room once he was in the experience.
I first learned about Tilt Brush in a minidoc about Glen Keane. I posted the youtube video.
@robertheadley that Glen Keane video is so awesome. That's how I was introduced to this as well.
This is amazing. Can't wait to try.
I'm excited to announce, we've just launched TiltBrush live. It's available for purchase on Steam and comes for free with each HTC Vive.
This looks incredible. Shame it's only HTC though.
@matt_aunger right now only the Vive has the tracking and controllers to work with Tiltbrush. Oculus have a similar app coming out with their motion controllers later this year called Medium
@killa_kyle Wow! That looks awesome. Also, that makes total sense! So much cool VR stuff happening.