Tilig Password Manager

A new password manager, for everyone, not just developers

Tilig is a password manager for everyone! Some developers use password managers but most of the world doesn't.
Tilig is more convenient, simple, and does most things automatically.
No master passwords, no backup codes. Tilig just works, everywhere.
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Seems great! As a developer and an avid user of password managers myself, I'm not completely sure I feel secure having my Google/Apple account as the base for protecting all my other passwords, since they tend to be some of the most targeted for attacks. That being said, I read your specifications and reasons behind the selection of tools and architecture, and you seem to have thought it quite well. I'll make sure to give it a try and come back with feedback. Great job!
@capo_saric Thanks for the feedback!
Hi everyone! For the past months I've been working on Tilig! It bothered me that I used password managers but my friends and family didn't. So I made Tilig, and in turn I found out why they weren't using them. Tilig turned out to be much more enjoyable to use than anything else. I've posted my findings on tests I've conducted here: https://blog.tilig.com/posts/int....
@jakecodesalot Congrats on the launch Jacob. Since the password is also my interest area, I am curious about how you have aligned this password manager with NIST 800-63 requirements. For example, how are you blocking old and exposed passwords from being used? Also, a quick glance at the application sign-in shows a couple of console errors, Would be great if you can check them out before we get the attention of more eyes :)
@devaonbreaches Thanks for the feedback! Regarding the errors, the ones I see are done on purpose. I use status codes heavily in Tilig and do often throw 404's and other status codes regularly. This will result in http "errors" on the console, but it is legitimate. If you see any JS errors please send me a message: jacob at tilig.com.
@jakecodesalot @devaonbreaches great idea to prevent exposed password reuse! This is something that makes sense to add.
@jakecodesalot @sytses Yes, going forward till we are going to make use of password as an authentication mechanism, we should enforce avoiding exposed passwords. Just a simple example on how we can do this. https://www.xposedornot.com/samp...