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  • Sergio Ravelo
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    I can find stuff!


    when things enter the dark zone

    I got my first tiles as gifts and then decided to buy more for myself. Absolutely would reccomend compared to the other stuff out there I've had the best results with Tile. I mean I use this stuff almost everyday to find keys, wallet you name it I'm looking for it.

    I haven't used the new stickers and sizes that have come out recently surprisingly I haven't lost my orginal tiles so maybe I'm getting better about not losing things haha.

    The only downside that i've experienced is just when you go out of range and the location on the map seems wonky at times but overall it does what it promises.

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  • Pros: 

    It works


    You can't recharge the battery - locks you into a sleezy consummables business-model

    This is a disgusting product. It works, fine, but it isn't the hardest thing to do.

    However, the fact that it locks customers into shelling out >$50 each year to buy new devices is insulting. I would be more than happy to spend $10 on custom rechargeable batteries, if you want, but this just makes me angry.

    This product actually makes me furious and few things ever do.

    Look for alternatives - that's my only advice.

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Is there anything better than Tile out there? I need this for pretty much everything in my life, sigh. cc: @rrhoover
@suzywillow what do you think about this one? www.linquet.com. You get the hardware free of charge and pay for the cloud service
@suzywillow It's not exactly the same value proposition, but we just launched this one on Kickstarter: http://www.producthunt.com/tech/... , let me know what you think! :)
Gonna wait for some of the product kinks to get worked out, but I want to slap this on everything I own.
are there other similar products that have already launched?
@nayafia Hey Nadia. Have you used any of these/any recommendations? None look that compelling. I'm surprised this concept is so new. Would have expected these to be further along than they seem to be.
@taykcrane I haven't used any of them, no.
12+ months on this still hasn't shipping for a good proportion of the people who've 'backed it'. The founder is more interested in posting photos of him and Steve Wozniak to actually ship.