Unified calendar, meeting notes editor and task manager

Everyday, we look at the same few apps to help us manage our day. Tika unifies your calendar, meeting notes, tasks, and to-do’s all in one easy to use application. That way, you can rely on Tika to tell you your priorities at any given time.
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Hi everyone! I’m excited to share Tika with you all. We created Tika with the goal of simplifying everyone’s daily process of time, task, and meeting management. We realized current tools out there don't really fit with how most of us go through our day. By aggregating your calendar, meeting notes, team tasks, and to-do’s all in one product, you spend less time switching browser tabs, searching for information, and more time getting work done. The journey: 🚴 My cofounder and I have been together for 2 years, all with the goal of improving the workplace for professionals. After 2 earlier pivots, we heard from our users that simplifying their daily workflow was the #1 request above all else. Early feedback gave us some key insights as we built the product: 🎧 - Most people’s days can be broken down by meeting time & task time. - Much of meeting and task management has to do with lots of back & forth communication with others. - People are tired of switching between multiple apps and looking for information. - People still have very hacky ways of jotting down tasks, notes, etc. (it’s both insightful and entertaining!) The Tika Experience: 🎉 Every morning, Tika users check their email like we all do but also go to Tika to figure out what’s on their plate. It’s great for individual use but you get more value as others on your team collaborate with you on Tika. Our 10 step guide: 1️⃣Your first view shows both your calendar and meetings alongside a master list of all your team tasks, personal to-do’s, and action items from meetings. 2️⃣The master task list has various ways to sort your view from priority, due date, status, and tasks assigned to you or tasks you’ve assigned to others. 3️⃣Easily view or hide all the tasks created, updated, or completed today. 4️⃣Quickly create new meetings in Tika and it auto syncs with your Google Calendar. 5️⃣Switch from public to private meeting notes in each meeting. 6️⃣Annotate notes to each agenda item for each meeting. 7️⃣Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically set due dates. For example, “Update TPS Reports by next Friday.” 8️⃣The NLP works in meetings with attendee names too! “Bob to update TPS Reports by tomorrow” 9️⃣Automatically create meeting summaries or agendas to be sent out via your Gmail. 🔟Every morning, you'll get a quick morning summary email with your meetings and tasks. Our team has already found it amazingly helpful for our own day to day and we believe it will be helpful for you all too. Give it a try and we’d love to hear your feedback! P.S. Tika only works with Google calendar today but we've heard you loud and clear Outlook folks! ❤️
Easy to use, neatly designed, and especially love the collaborative feature!
Recently I have used TIKA to plan my meetings and delegate tasks for future meetings. Works great and its very helpful to have the meeting agenda, notes and tasks all on one platform. Also, great customer service!
@vilde_aurora_johannessen We appreciate all your valuable input so far!!
I really like the idea, but it will be very useful for me if I can sync more than one Google Calendar to the app. I miss Sunrise because of this, they did a good job. But I think this app have potential.👏🏼
@saenzramiro Thanks Ramiro! That's definitely been a request from some users already so we've added it to our list! Appreciate the support
Love how it magically updates names and dates by itself. Cool application of NLP!
@on1200s Thanks Eric. We have a ton in store when it comes to the NLP part of the product. :)