Pricing page builder for Stripe Billing

Tiers allows you to integrate SaaS subscription management into your app with just 2 API calls.

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You're the one @bentossell! Thanks for hunting Tiers. Tiers is a by-product of other SaaS products that I've built.For every new application I was having to reimplement these features: - A pricing page (frontend + Stripe Billing integration) - Checkout process (frontend CSS + JS + Stripe Integration for processing and retrieving cards) - In-app user subscription management (e.g. upgrading and downgrading) - AND keeping track of the features that were promised to each plan (pricing an plans change) You should be able to sit down and JUST build the features that are totally unique to your application. Tiers takes care of all of this by giving you: - A simple pricing page builder for managing your subscription plans AND the features available to those plans - Checkout portal and API for retrieving transaction data - Saved card management for existing users - User UI for upgrading and downgrading of plans - A sweet little features API that helps you keep track of what features you originally promised your users! Thanks so much for checking out Tiers. Feel free to share and upvote! Regards, Joshua
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I personally wouldn't pay 25$ a month. Seems like a great idea. Take a look at what Fiverr, is doing over at www.And.co. It's completely free, massive domain authority, and giving back to the community. If you have apps, which were the brainchild, Give it away free! If not free, possibly, $3.99/mth as an Addon, or $4.99/mth as a standalone. Another option, $35/yr like the folks at Droplr have done. I still think it should be completely free. #giveback


Simple, and effective!


25$ a month, seems steep for an API integration. #giveback to the community. FREE.

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Thanks for checking out Tiers! I am definitely still working on choosing the right price. I really appreciate the feedback. What would you be willing to pay for the product as it is right now?
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what are the other free services?
Hey @joshuaanderton, Can you tell us more about what you've built here?
@jacqvon thanks! I've added a comment describing what Tiers is :)
Hi @joshuaanderton! Wanted to let you know that I've been an Upscribe user and it has been really helpful. Congratulations! This tool seems useful as well. Will check it out!
@kevinnatanzon thanks so much for using Upscribe! I really appreciate the comment Kevin, thanks for checking out Tiers!
Based on Upscribe's track record, I am sure this will do very well. - A Happy Upscribe User
@matthew_harney thanks so much Matt! Really appreciate the support!