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from todo lists to daily kanban to color coding..we've got you covered..for free!

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Hello Product Hunt! Let me introduce tidily.io, it's probably the millionth todo app of this year 😅, I know..but it has a few smart way to manage your tasks, The basic idea was to use common sense for the structure so that you can use it any way you like from daily kanban to kanban board for todo lists to color coding them to using multiple tags to filter and lots more all without any clutter.Mostly all you can see are your tasks and todos. I wanted to have 3 simple views: 1. Bird's eye for overview 2. Multi work mode where you want to work with multiple lists/ dates 3. Focus mode where you just want to see one list/date Also I needed a few extra features like: 1. Color coding and search by color 2. Tags and multi tag search 3. Per-task content and due dates 4. Multiple display mode like list/grid/kanban 5. A dark theme! But still a lot to come from the roadmap and a lot of platforms to cover, till then hope you guys will enjoy this one. If you have any questions just let me know 😊
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Daily Kanban yeah ! 🙌
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@raphchabaud Glad you liked it ! 😊

Been playing around with it and it is very flexible and adaptable. The UI is lovely to look at as well. There are not many simple task managers that offer a horizontal scrolling calendar so I am thrilled to find this one!


Finally! A horizontal calendar task manager! It is like Teuxdeux on steroid. This is a much, much better app!


None so far! Am excited to see how this app develop :).

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Agree, teuxdeux was very good, very visual way to organize your todo list. But they stopped developing the app.
How different is this from Taskade? I see similar features and colors :)
@naveenkumar Hey thanks for taking a look! I have to say that in my opinion taskade and tidily are very different apps in terms of use case cause most of the main offering of tidily (listed below) are totally different from taskade. Hopefully the following list will help: -It has color coding for lists itself , taskade has background theming -It has all the list on display at once , taskade shows the list name then you go into a list to see it -It has daily kanban for tasks based on dates -It has tags instead of folder and also you can perform multi tag search -You can work with multiple list's in kanban view Let me know which features you thought are similar to taskade incase I missed to mention anything :)
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@naveenkumar, it is very different from Taskade - the scrolling task calendar alone puts it in a higher category of task managers.
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@kidsndog It really felt awesome to hear that! thank you so much 😊
I've been using this for a couple weeks. I really like the setup, especially the daily view. However, one issue I have is that if I don't complete my todo list for a certain day, it disappears. It would be nice to see the history to be able to move items to a different day once they are completed. Also, a desktop version would be awesome!
@tasha_lynn I'm so glad you liked it :) and actually all of your tasks are there! you just need to change the date via the funnel icon on the top menu on the timeline page, by default the timeline start's from the current date, but if you need to see previous or some other dates you can just choose them from the funnel icon.. Hope that helps , if you still having trouble finding it , just let me know and I will send you a demo on how to do it :) And for the platforms desktop as well as mobile apps will be there soon! we will have to grow a bit more to manage that but it's definetely on our roadmap.