TickTick Focus

Get more things done with TickTick's brand new focus feature

A major improvement of the previous Pomo feature (renamed as "Focus")!
Pomo Timer supports Pause now
A brand-new Stopwatch mode to count up your Focus time
Wider choices of White Noises
Greater Statistics to provide you with a deeper analysis
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20 Reviews4.8/5
Hi guys, TickTick has updated its previous Pomo feature, and renamed it as Focus. This improvement is for making your Focus experience at TickTick more smooth, friendly, and customizable. The new Focus Feature includes: Pomo mode remains here and can support both pause and exit now A new Stopwatch mode to count up your Focus time Wider choices of White Noises, e.g. Timer, Biscuit Greater in-app support of data analysis to help you look deeper into your time-allocation stats Tell us how you feel about this update by leaving comments here or on other platforms! Ask us any questions and we are here to help! 😊
Have dreamed for a count-up built-in timer for a long time! Also enjoying the white noise. Can't wait to work while hearing the Biscuit sound πŸͺ
One thing to add, for iOS users like me, TickTick Focus data can now be shared with Apple Health Mindfulness. A scientific approach to learn our mind helps with boosting productivity πŸ’ͺ
This is my favorite to-do app. Simple, fast, with just the right features I need and no bloat to slow me down.
@edwardshepard Thank you Edward. We'll keep like this πŸ˜‰
Constant incremental innovation like this is why I switched from Todoist to TickTick.