Mindful mood tracking for greater self-awareness

🌟 Thyself is a Chrome Extension giving you mindful moments throughout your day to track and express your mood with emoji. Periodically throughout the day, Thyself halts your browser and simply asks: “How are you feeling?”
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Fred Rivett
🏆 winner, april fools day 2017
Ever since I met Fraser last year he's been working on products and meetups that improve our interaction with the tech that is so intermingled with our modern day-to-day lives. Thyself is yet another addition to his work in this area. As someone who has seen the detrimental effects of mental health gone wrong I love to see anything that helps us become more self-aware of our mental state so we can be better placed to nurture a healthy one. It's surprising just how valuable self-reflection can be.
Fraser Deans
Starting The Wholesome Technology Co
Thanks for hunting @fredrivett! 💜 No better time to share this than during Mental Health Awareness Week. Thyself was originally created to scratch my own itch. As a maker, I've experienced the rollercoaster ride of emotions and I wanted to understand it better. With Thyself, I understand the ups and downs better. I've found Thyself most useful for removing the recency bias in how I perceive my week to be going – late in the day my mood could be down but I forgot that the rest of the day was great. I hope someone else finds it useful. Any feedback is appreciated.
Yoshua KishiADHD/Cognitive Science/Python
Interesting approach. Mine is a little similar one.
Denis Shershnev
Founder & CEO
Great job @fraserdeans
Mike RogersDeveloper

I've been using Thyself for the last month or so, it's really interesting to see how my mood changes throughout the day (and help me identify what makes me unhappy).


Very easy way to track my mood throughout the day.


The default settings felt like they asked me a bit frequently, I increased the timing in the settings.

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