Experience real-time lightning from anywhere on earth


Scan the globe for thunder and lightning. Experience it yourself with real-time lightning via your camera flash, thunder audio, and haptic feedback. There’s also a secret button to turn on real-time aurora 😉.

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Jordan Bowman
Jan Folwarczny
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  • Jan Folwarczny
    Jan FolwarcznyCo-founder & CPO at KVIKYMART

    I love the app! Fun to play with. :)

    Love the animations, color combination and graphic details. Visually so nice!


    Sometimes there are only a few storms on the Earth. But it would not be a problem with the app itself. :D

    It's a bright idea to provide specific weather information in that playful way. I love the use of iPhone's flash when the lighting appear in the app. :) You can also measure the distance of a lighting when you see and hear it in the real world.

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  • Jordan Bowman
    Jordan Bowman👨‍💻 I make stuff for the web.

    Visuals, "stream" features


    Sometimes buggy (but they're responsive)

    Very cool idea! I love playing around with this thing.

    Jordan Bowman has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    love it



    beautiful app

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