Experience real-time lightning from anywhere on earth

Scan the globe for thunder and lightning. Experience it yourself with real-time lightning via your camera flash, thunder audio, and haptic feedback. There’s also a secret button to turn on real-time aurora 😉.

  • Jan Folwarczny
    Jan FolwarcznyCo-founder & CPO at KVIKYMART

    I love the app! Fun to play with. :)

    Love the animations, color combination and graphic details. Visually so nice!


    Sometimes there are only a few storms on the Earth. But it would not be a problem with the app itself. :D

    It's a bright idea to provide specific weather information in that playful way. I love the use of iPhone's flash when the lighting appear in the app. :) You can also measure the distance of a lighting when you see and hear it in the real world.

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  • Jordan Bowman
    Jordan Bowman👨‍💻 I make stuff for the web.

    Visuals, "stream" features


    Sometimes buggy (but they're responsive)

    Very cool idea! I love playing around with this thing.

    Jordan Bowman has used this product for one week.
From AppStore: Do you love storms as we do? Then you’ll love our app. At photorealistic globe you can see real time lightning all around the world. Besides accurate day and night cycle, globe contains real time clouds, precipitation and lightning history layer for last hour. For better resolution you can zoom into map detail. If you zoom really closely to your location, you can use start-stop feature to measure your distance from nearby storm. When no storm is close enough, feel free to “stream” lightnings via your camera flash from opposite side of the world to your living room. ...and one more thing: If you try hard enough we are pretty sure that you’ll find switch for real time aurora. Not as cool as lightning, but also kind of amazing!
Have you found the secret aurora button?
@jrdnbwmn yeah, I surely did :)
@jrdnbwmn Focus on menu! :)
Really cool! Few things that I am sure others will be interested in as well: were you thinking about adding some AR features there? Also, what tech do you use for the animations? Those are 🔝 :)
@jirka_trecak We are not thinking about AR right now. But we are open to any ideas. :) For 3D animations we are using SceneKit and also frame by frame animations for electricity of lightenings and some basic animations for the rest. Some custom easings are also there.
Great job!! Unique concept 😊