Marketplace: A new way to hire local services

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a great place to hire contractors etc.
I've hired house cleaners for my home and office, a DJ for my parents' 45th wedding anniversary in a tiny town, someone to mount my TV, a chef for a dinner party, a personal assistant, and an incredible $30/hr personal trainer on Thumbtack. Instead of slogging through Craigslist or hunting for days or weeks through my network for the right person, Thumbtack is definitely my go to when I have to hire people.
I mean actually the idea behind it is really great. However it isn't exactly how it looks like. Nowadays you can find similar pages all over the world like in germany or in turkey or in the uk or etc. etc. etc. ... Me as a pro have worked with a page like that and they are charging extremely high amounts just for finding customers for me but they do not guarantee an agreement. That means I pay them the fee get the number of the customer but if I do not get the job I still have to pay that fee. Anyway this is the pro side. As a customer you have less problems but there are still risks. You do not have to pay for using that service. That means you can create requests as many as you want and get in touch with a lot of professionals without paying for it that's great. BUT.. not every person signed up as a pro on these web pages are really pro's! You can find a plumber signed up as a painter as well in order to generate additional income. Just be carefully. You can find great pro's and get your job done with less money but on the other hand it can go very bad as well...