Gut test kits and probiotics to improve gut health

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They also did an AMA but failed to answer/address any scientific concerns raised. Pretty positive this is based on bunk science. Don't give them any money.
@paulprins Hi Paul - Thanks for your comments. Our founders and scientist answered all the questions in the Reddit AMA. Unfortunately, the amount of comments buried their response, thus the misconception that they had not replied. The founders put all the FAQs into the description for easy access. Please see here:
Good to know. This is an interesting space nonetheless. Have you found other more legitimate companies doing this?
@eddomann Hi Eddie - Thanks for your interests in the microbiome. We assure you that we are offering a legitimate product with microbiome testing, customized health reports, and premium probiotics. The founders answered the questions on the Reddit AMA. Our team consists of Ph.D's from Stanford and experts in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics. We also offer a flexible, no-commitment, and 100% money back guarantee to ensure our customers they have the freedom with trying out our product with confidence that if it doesn't work, they have all the freedom to cancel with us and receive a refund. Please see all the details in the FAQ in the description here: