Quickly find anyone's email at any startup



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Spencer Schoeben — College dropout working on something new
This is cool and works well. But it is ironically ugly for being the product of a "premium design agency." 2 minutes and a few small CSS tweaks makes a huge difference.

Joe d'Elia — Digital product maker
@netspencer You are right in fact. Will probably have to change things around a little :)
@netspencer "Before" looks much better, at least in the rectangles shown above. All the type is black (not grey), allowing clear and easy reading, and the fonts are larger as well. Even with glasses, the "After" sample is not readable at a glance. Excessive white space is fine when type is readable, but is wasteful when type could be larger. Don't forget that grey type must be displayed larger than it would be if black (not smaller!) in order for it to be more readable. I _do_ like the "Anymail finder" in lighter type, but that may be because it's still black :)
Anuj Adhiya — Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
Added to my 'Tools to find people's emails' collection:
Chris Carella — Product at Broadway Video Ventures
@anujadhiya thank you for this collection
Anuj Adhiya — Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
@ccarella Cheers!
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