This Website Will Self Destruct

This site will self-destruct if it goes 24hrs without a post

This website will self-destruct if it goes 24 hours without a post
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Saw this on Reddit where it had over 15,000 upvotes:
@daviswbaer Thanks for hunting this! Glad you found it.
sick idea
When the moment comes, how does the site self-destruct itself?
@davidgay So on each page load, I check if there hasn't been a new letter for over 24 hours. If there hasn't been one, it deletes the database and will currently just completely error out going forward. This was built for Ludum Dare (a game jam) since this year's theme was 'Keep it Alive.' I was expected it to die out relatively quickly, so I honestly didn't put too much effort into the death experience. Now that it's become far more popular than I ever could have expected, I may put up a page with a final letter after being it self destructs, but I'm not completely sure.