Tell the story by adding pointers and commentary to photos

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Whats the attraction for people to use 'This' than other similar solutions out there? Snapchat Stories and now Instagram Stories seem to be in this same space and are going to be very difficult to compete with but seem to have a similar outcome
@bentossell I don't use snapchat and rarely annotate on Instagram - I see more use for this in my personal life, like annotating pics for my fam or others who also don't use those apps
@bentossell This was designed to be a simple-but-elegant annotation solution.
I like the idea - but, noly on iOS. Would love an Android and/or Web app.
Have loved using this app for a few months now. Fun, simple, functional. I wonder what's next for This!
idea: will be amazing if we merge adobe voice with your point system, can you imagine?