Period-proof underwear for modern women

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Lorraine Hawkings
  • Pros: 

    Environmentally friendly as they are a reusable solution for periods


    They are not UK based and do not protect me fully on heavy days.

    I love my THINX knickers. They are comfortable to wear and I even feel sexy in them due to the sleek, black style. The crotch is big enough that I don't leak out of the sides and they are not so padded that I feel I am wearing period underwear. I do have to wear reusable pads on my first 2 days, but after that I can switch to THINX for the rest of my period. I wish there was a UK branch so I didn't have to ship from abroad as this defeats the object of being environmentally friendly for me unfortunately.

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Miki Agrawal
Miki AgrawalMakerHiring@twinmiki · Founder CEO THINX
THINX brings innovative technology to the feminine hygiene space with underwear that's designed to make being on your period a little less stressful (leaks + stains = no fun for the ladies). And, each pair of THINX sold funds the production of a menstrual kit for a girl in Uganda. We are breaking the taboo around menstruation, so that no girl or woman is held back by her body. Would love to hear your feedback!
Jake Peterson
Jake Peterson@jpetey75 · Bard Analytics Founder, ex-Segment VP
I don't have an opinion on the product, but I love the site! Videos as product images is the future :)
Gesche Haas
Gesche Haas@gesche_haas
THIS. IS. AWESOME! So much needed and obsessed w the powerful social mission.
Manasvini Krishna
Manasvini Krishna@manasvinik · Indie hacker
So cool to see products and innovation in this space, an actual problem for 50% of the population!
Kelly Peeler
Kelly Peeler@kellypeeler · Founder, NextGenVest
I need these!