Think Board

Versatile Dry-Erase Film. Stick it anywhere.



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HansonMaker@hansongrant2 · Think Board
Hey everyone - My name is Hanson, and I am the founder of Think Board. Very excited to share Think Board with the Product Hunt community for the first time! All I needed was a space write down ideas, but papers get lost, whiteboards are too bulky, and dry erase paints are too expensive. Most people use large writing spaces for collaboration and expansive ideation, but the current solutions are limited. And that is where Think Board comes in. Think Board is a clear thin film that can turn any surface into a dry erase board - it is there where you need it, when you need it. Whether sitting at your desk, meeting over a cup of coffee or in a hotel on travel, Think Board is here to turn any environment into a creative workspace. We help unlock personal and professional creativity in homes, offices and school classrooms, by overlaying Think Boards onto workspaces, walls and school desks in the Boston area.
Kristofer™@kristofertm · #7 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
@skithegnar Great idea. You're goin big places my friend ps - solid twitter handle
HansonMaker@hansongrant2 · Think Board
Lol Thanks @kristofertm! Lamplighter Labs looks like a sweet business too!
Peter Cooper@peterc · Publisher-in-chief, Cooper Press
There's a company here in the UK that has had quite some success with a similar product called Magic Whiteboard (in both white and clear varieties) - they also have a "blackboard" version which I used to use to block out the light in my kid's bedroom :-) I found this sort of stuff came in very useful at things like unconferences and events to quickly have a whiteboard on any surface, but prefer having a "proper" whiteboard in my actual office.
James Brooks@jbrooksuk · Founder, Alt Three
@peterc I think that Think Board looks like a much higher quality product compared to Magic Whiteboard.
HansonMaker@hansongrant2 · Think Board
@peterc Awesome! Glad to hear about the blackboard! We'll be coming out with one soon!
HansonMaker@hansongrant2 · Think Board
@peterc @jbrooksuk thanks James! Glad you like Think Board!
James Brooks@jbrooksuk · Founder, Alt Three
I'm probably going to buy a couple of these. One for our office and one for home once payday comes around!
HansonMaker@hansongrant2 · Think Board
@jbrooksuk Sweet! Send us an email at
James Brooks@jbrooksuk · Founder, Alt Three
@think-board @skithegnar have done :)