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Really love this and it definitely looks thinner than all of the other cases I've seen. How many fully phone charges does the case hold?
@toddsaunders Hi Todd, thanks for the feedback! We've seen ThinCharge yield anywhere from 50% - 100% charge depending on variables such as concurrent phone usage, number and consumption of apps running, screen brightness, reception, etc.
@toddsaunders Looks cool, but it seems people have had some issue with the product and bad customer service experience. It looks like customer service is kinda... *cough*... *cough*... 😙 It draws me back from considering it. I always try to stay away from business like this. http://www.amazon.com/ThinCharge...
@shahinix Hi Shahin, thanks for your comment. I'm afraid there's some misunderstanding here. The comment that you replied to on Amazon (http://goo.gl/JQ7H32) was left by someone who purchased ThinCharge through an online arbitrage seller, "BGR Store" but seemed to think they purchase directly from us. Any correspondence or customer service experience was sent by "BGR Store" and not indicative of how ChargeTech does business. If you have any concerns, please contact us directly and we'd be more than happy to assist you and shed light on any questions that you have.
@ashkan_aghassi Hi Ashkan, Thanks for Clarification. I'm glad you did that and I will gladly delete my comment on Amazon. Regards.
@shahinix @ashkan_aghassi And 9 months later, it's still there.
I'm an insanely huge fan of this case. It's crazy thin (it's smaller than my beloved and super thin Speck case) and it holds up to way more drops than I proud to admit to. It also holds an absurd amount of charge (especially considering how small it is!) and it allowed me (and my iPhone) to make it through multiple-charge-needed days of Uber-ing and Lyft-ing and Google-Maps-ing my way around various cities and airports.
Is it only available in black?
@mkrinsky Hey Menachem! It's also available in Gold and White!
@katesegrin Thanks for the great feedback, Kate! We're thrilled that you love your ThinCharge!
How much charge can we expect?
@surheeho Hi Serg, you can expect anywhere from a 50% - 100% yield depending on if you're using your phone, screen brightness, cellular reception, apps running, etc.
getting one for my sis for her bday --- this will change her life haha
is there one for the plus size?