Thimble by Mozilla

A web based code editor that helps you learn as you code

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Thimble looks like an awesome tool for people who are learning web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript). It's got a simple text editor with previews for both desktop + mobile and lists files. Also includes tutorials Text editor (with dark theme) , preview , list of files and tutorials built in. The Remix feature is pretty cool too...let's you start with an existing project. Here's an example of the Keep Calm poster project >
I like the simplicity and elimination of all the noise of a usual text editor which can be confusing and overwhelming for people getting started in coding. I would be interested to seeing what you can do with "Start New Project"
I can see this being really good for new coders. I can't imagine seasoned developers using it but for those learning this is a really good starting point.
I think this will also be very useful for teaching scenarios. Love it.
@fighto That's exactly what it was built for!