There Is A Bot For That

Search engine for bots

#3 Product of the DayMarch 03, 2017
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Hey Hunters! My name is Daniel Sternlicht and I developed "There is a bot for that" along with @natali_gil. Bot lovers & developers - this one is for you! :) "There is a bot for that" is a search engine for bots and it’s available on: So, whether you’re a bot developers and looking for a platform to promote your bot, or simply a user who love bots and looking for one on a specific category or platform - you’re more than welcome to explore “There is a bot for that” and give us some feedback :) Happy hunting!
@dsternlicht @natali_gil the description has lost text formatting (line breaks basically)
@dsternlicht seems cool. Added a bot a few days ago. Not sure how it gets discovered 😩
@codecamcode Thanks Cam! Your bot is online and available here: It already has more than 40 views!
awesome work @dsternlicht, I really like the instant filters feature. Would be great to have it somewhere on the homepage
@tchret Already in the oven :) Thanks for the feedback!
Great UX, good luck!
This is such a @bentossell product :P
Great product! I use it to find bots all the time