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I've been unimpressed with this company. The CEO emailed me claiming we met at a conference, and never followed up (I spent a few weeks trying to figure out what happened) — details: At Launch this year they had piled stacks of business cards on the benches in front of the conference center. I take litter in San Francisco pretty seriously, and it reflects poorly on the startup community at large when companies leave scraps of paper around the city. (I understand some people don't feel as strongly about this and everyone is trying to find new ways to grow. I think a more appropriate way to do this is to stand out front and hand out business cards.)
While I encourage authenticity, I generally give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was an honest mistake. Oh well. I haven't played with the product yet but looks similar to Prismatic (,
I definitely agree about giving people the benefit of the doubt, being optimistic, and authenticity. I didn't really think there was a chance it was an honest mistake (he emailed a one-off email address) — and like I said: another tech founder got an identical email. I have tried to look at the product with an open mind of course. Maybe it's not targeted at people like me. I don't really understand the need it'd fill in my life. (Totally not intending a pun there). That doesn't mean it's not great. Edit: Just looked at the mobile app in iTunes. No chance in hell I'm going to download it, but it at least looks visually superior to their site, so that's good.
Doesn't work outside the USA :-( American startups take note-- Everything is international. You aren't doing yourselves any favors by limiting your product (same advice for those who built the iPhone app and ignored Android).
@UXAndrew - true and I sympathize the frustration of non-U.S., non-iPhone early adopters that have to wait but startups can't build for everyone, everywhere at first sometimes. In general, it's better to release less sooner than more later.