Beautifully designed keyboard themes for iOS

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This is awesome, I mean LOOK AT THIS: You can get great looking keyboard themes from within the app, made by the world's best designers. Maybe @Objective_Neo can answer some Q's!
Hosam here from Themeboard. Ask me anything :)
@objective_neo Is there a rev share for the designer? How does that work? Great idea - much easier for a designer to get their keyboards into the store and into the hands of users than having to create a keyboard app from scratch.
@jameskoole yup we take a small percentage and the rest goes to the designer. If the theme is free we don't charge anything.
Huge HUGE fan of the space keyboards in Themeboard. Now only if the developers bring Swipe input, I'll be able to actually use the keyboard.
@r0unak swipe input is already under development. Will be available in a future version.
@objective_neo Awesome! Looking forward to it