A new kind of stock investing experience

Thematic lets you cut through thousands of companies and funds in seconds, not hours.
Find relevant investment ideas tailored to you.
Create portfolios that match your values and easily invest with your broker.
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I love the design & ability to select or avoid investments that are in-line with ethical considerations
Wow! A really interesting product. You are making investing really really easy. How are you monetized?
@elijah_dippenaar Thank you! We know how hard it is to align personal preferences with healthy companies without an advisor. We are doing lots of computing and fundamental analysis under the hood, and we plan to have a subscription based plan for more advanced insights and tools. Thank you for the support!
Hello modern investors! I am Dzanan, co-founder of Thematic. We are on a mission to help digital investors align investments with their budget, risk as well as sustainability and ethical/halal requirements. Currently, with Thematic you can: - Explore companies based on your personal preferences, beliefs and topics you care about. - Use our guidance-based approach to create a bundle that fits your budget in seconds. Simply describe what you would like and we will find some options for you to choose from. - Explore companies manually with the help of Thematic filters and create your custom bundle of companies. - Add companies and bundles to watchlist so you can easily track them. Very soon you will be able to: - Invest directly with your Robinhood or Alpaca account. - Use more advanced fundamental analysis indicators and filters. - Explore and invest in a wider range of companies as well as ETFs. - Support causes such as Clean Water, Fighting Poverty and more by choosing impact goals that matter to you. - Track performance of investments made with your broker through Thematic. - Receive reports about your holdings on regular basis. - See news relevant to your holdings and topics you like. - And more. Thematic is free, and you can check it out at Happy investing!
@dzanan_ganic @harund Congrats guys! Thematic looks real useful. How about an interview about it at Send me a message to if interested.
@dzanan_ganic Allah hi Akbar very ethical values!
You are only focusing on US stock market for now ?
@mikedane7 Correct, US stocks are available now, but we plan to include other markets soon. Are there any particular markets you would like to see? Thanks!
@mikedane7 @harund I read the article that's how I found out