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Chrome ext that adds a Medium profile and most recommended …

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The team and I have really been enjoying @oelmekki's Makerbird and wanted one for Medium so we made it in a team #1DayHack. We added in a small preview of their most Rec'd story too. p.s. Will be doing 2-4 more writing/reading related #1DayHacks over the next week while we wait for Apple to approve our writing app. If you have an idea or there's something you want please let us know!
What a great extension! Thanks for the build.
@kkdub Happy you enjoy it! Enjoyed being able to find your good comments on Medium on VC's and a/b :)
+1 for the idea, +1 for the team side project, +1 for open sourcing it, +1 for being evidently high-quality members of the Medium community. Thanks for making this, guys!
@eliservescent +1 for the fun comment! Medium is one of our favorite communities online so we loved hacking something together for it. Hope you're enjoying the extension.
@benwtnb @eliservescent It's great! I just saw you're based out of Tokyo - I'll be there on business the end of next week, I'd love to meet you guys and talk more about all of your products. I'm, let me know if you have any time!
@eliservescent Sounds good 😄 I got an email from someone in your team this morning too, guessing it's thanks to you! Will email you too now and look forward to getting together next week!
Had fun working on this! If you want to make it better please checkout ! Sorry, there's no readme, etc. but it was a #1DayHack.