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Description of Alexa skill from Amazon: Now with eero and Alexa you can control and use WiFi with your voice throughout your home. With eero’s Alexa skill, you can pause the internet for dinner, find your phone (or any other device), or turn off the light on your eeros at bedtime — with a simple voice command. You will need to have an eero network and the eero app (on iOS or Android) setup in order to use this skill. To get started, enable this skill and link your eero account. To link your eero account with Alexa, enter the phone number or email you use to sign in to your eero app, followed by the verification code sent to your email or SMS on the next screen. Once your account is linked with Alexa, you can do things like: Find a misplaced device in the home — If a device (such as a phone or laptop) is or was connected to WiFi, customers can ask Alexa which eero their device is connected to so they know where to look. Try saying “Alexa, ask eero where Nick’s iPhone is” or “Alexa, ask eero to find my iPad.” Pause all or individual profiles — Using the Family Profiles created in the eero app, pause individual profiles as needed, or all profiles for dinnertime. Simply use the eero app to unpause and get everything back online. Try saying “Alexa, tell eero it’s dinnertime” or “Alexa, tell eero to put Nick in timeout.” Turn on/off the eero light — At naptime or bedtime, if you like your room pitch black, ask Alexa to turn eero’s light off for you. Don’t worry, if something happens to the network the lights will come to life and simply turn back off when all is well again. Try saying “Alexa, ask eero to turn off the LED in the bedroom” or “Alexa, ask eero to turn off the lights” This feature is also now available through the eero app.