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Hey all. Mike & I made this as we're both bootstrapping whilst working our day jobs. All founders are pushed for time but those with day jobs even more so, we have an hour lunch each day so we thought why not use it? The idea behind The Working Lunch is to give other people who are in the same situation as us a place they can go to every day on their lunch break to find helpful content based around starting and growing a business. We split the links into articles, podcasts and videos, and put the read/listen/watch time next to everything so you can make sure you don’t start an article 5 minutes before the end of your lunch that will take 20 minutes to read. You can read more about TWL in our introductory blog post: http://wearecontrast.com/2015/08... We're launching today and would love your feedback, good or bad. And if you've got any suggestions on resources to feature let us know on twitter (@twlco) or on our typeform: https://contrast.typeform.com/to.... Cheers!
very nice ! I like the idea of using lunch hour to consume content and catch up on reading list . I follow Quibb for the same. however as more and more mainstream stories start popping up in Quibb so it doesn't make sense for me to keep coming back to quibb . i would love if you guys can maintain the exclusivity of featured content .its a curation play at the heart of it . Good luck . I will keep coming back.
@pacificleo Hey Prashant, thanks for the kind words! We totally agree, we want to focus on articles, podcasts & videos that help founders move forwards without having to try and find resources each day. We'll always curate these and there will be a balance between older, tried & tested content and fresh content. If you have any further thoughts/feedback at all please don't hesitate to let us know :)
This is definitely going to make lunch time more interesting! Just as @pacificleo said, it would be cool to find articles or podcasts with original and new content. Also, I wouldn't mind a few easy and light reads - after all, it's lunch time and I want to enjoy my food with something to read/listen/watch. Nice work!
This looks great! I already use my lunch (or post lunch slump) to catch up on news. Is email the main delivery platform? If so I would recommend making the subscribe a more prominent element on the homepage. I tend to dismiss footer bars instinctually. If not, what is the desired user behavior? I also added this to my newsletters on mlist.io collection.
@noahtovares Hey Noah. Thanks for the message. The two main ways to keep up to date with TWL are via email & twitter. Of course you can just head to theworkinglunch.co too. Good feedback on the prominence of the email sign up and I know what you mean about blanking them out. We'll have a think about how to position that best. If you've any other feedback be sure to let us know!
great idea ! better read or watch remarkable content than boring newsfeed. :) How do you choose the content by the way ? is it only based on suggestions ? I hope this will work !
@tsifeichan Hey Tsifei! Thanks for the kind words. Currently we're going for a mixture of tried & tested, well known content and content that's slightly less well known but that we've benefitted from ourselves. We've already got a good amount of content lined up but now also have a good number of suggestions people have mentioned to us so we'll be looking into those too. This is a new thing so we're open to it going however works best, as long as the underlying aim of providing great content for founders to consume during their lunch is met. If you have any thoughts be sure to let us know :)