The Wilderness Downtown

Interactive Arcade Fire music video, set where you grew up.

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I just revisited this early Chrome Experiment (a partnership between Google and Arcade Fire) and it still stands the test of time. Put in where you grew up, and watch the music video unfold in your neighborhood. The interactive bit is a really nice way to make it personal and meaningful connection to the user and the song too.
@staringispolite thanks for sharing this...a great transmedia project for digital storytelling.
@staringispolite I couldn't seem to get this to work. Does it play in the popup or does it play in the browser itself?
@joshuaoxj Both. It should say in the "onboarding" flow that it requires popups to work. There's one popup for the audio and controls, and many more open/close throughout as part of the experience (though they never block the controls).
@staringispolite Got it to work! Haha. Didn't notice the popup blocker message initially. It's pretty cool man! Feeling a little nostalgic. Haha.
@joshuaoxj Good I'm glad! And yeah, it has that effect :) They did a good job.