The West Wing History Class - "A Proportional Response"

Part West Wing love-fest / part historical podcast

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We just launched this new weekly podcast about The West Wing! Elevator pitch: We examine each episode of The West Wing, diving into the events of the episode and the production stories behind them. We also look at the historical inspirations for each episode. In this episode, we dive into the history of The Situation Room, which plays a crucial role. RSS: http://westwinghistoryclass.libs... iTunes: We're just launching this now, and we'd love your feedback/support if you have any notes. ๐Ÿ™Œ
@russfrushtick this is so cool Russ! =)
@russfrushtick I just started season 7 today! Finally watching The West Wing, mostly what I've been watching the past 2 months! Will listen to the episode -- excited!
My girlfriend and I recently binged the entire series and were struck by how many of todays events mirrored what was being fictionalised in the show - will you be diving into any of these topics at all?
@lexkon absolutely! it's a big part of our focus. (We just recorded "Five Votes Down" which is all about getting a gun bill passed.)
So, I have subscribed to this. I know the early episodes of The West Wing well enough that I won't have to re-watch the episodes. First, congrats on getting this far. I applaud anyone that makes this effort. I am going to share some random thoughts so far, but please know that I realize you are just getting started. Many podcasts evolve over time. I am giving critical feedback only because you asked for comments. - Vision TV in Canada played The West Wing in syndication a couple of years ago. As they had fewer commercials than NBC, they had experts talk at the break about issues that come up in the episode. It kind of reminds me of what you are doing. - I started listening to the third episode and you immediately referenced a conversation in a previous conversation without giving a quick recap of that chat. So, I stopped listening. I did go to the first episode, but you want to make sure you draw in folks that may not listen in order. With TV related podcasts, I often listen out of order focusing first on my favourite bits from a TV series. - Watch out for rabbit holes like your thoughts on brie, face duplicating and the medical benefits of denim. The discussions are not relevant to the larger discussion. - Related to detail level, in your recaps, you spend a fair bit of time on some of the scenes. You might want to consider spending more time than you do talking about your overall thoughts of the episode. You may (not sure) also want to recap the episode before critiquing it because it can be hard to remember what happens in some episodes overall when you bury plot points in your commentary. - I am curious in the first episode why you chose to focus on presidential injuries rather than one of the bigger issues like dealing with on-air gaffes, refugees, Cuban relations or the politics of working with religious leaders? I understand you may want to mix funnier stuff with more serious issues, but it seemed like a light beginning. - It's a tricky balance maintaining an authentic voice when you are critical of a show you are trying to cover at length. People that are going to listen to the podcast are likely to have been real fans. Careful about how you criticize their loved one. ;-) For example, even if the prostitute story-line is a bit clunky in episode 2, it does lead to one of the best bits in the whole series later on. Sorry if I have gone on too long. I would not have taken the time for something unworthy of it.