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#2 Product of the DayMarch 07, 2020
Discover great ideas and insights from the world’s best podcasts. Get trending 60-second highlights on tech, startups, business, and life, straight in your inbox every week. We’ll feature a highlight weekly from a top VC or operator in Silicon Valley.
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Hey ProductHunt Community! Shoutout to @chrismessina for hunting us. I’m excited to announce the first of many cool things we’re building. Shuffle surfaces the world’s best ideas and stories found in podcasts. We make it easy to turn long podcasts into short video highlights so you can share and discuss your favorite moments. We just started this email newsletter where we’ll email you the top 60 second ideas, insights, and stories from the best podcasts on tech, startups, business, and life. We’ll feature a highlight weekly from a top VC or operator in Silicon Valley, so subscribe to see what they’re listening to and highlighting! If you listen to any tech, VC, or startup podcast religiously, and want to get early access to our product, or even be featured as a curator, please take 1 minute to fill in so we can reach out. We’d love your help on this journey!
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There are so many podcast with nuggets of wisdom that are buried within 40 min of content. This is a thoughtful way to help me find these nuggets, and makes it easier to find these in new podcasts that I've always wanted to look into but haven't had the time, then share with friends. Thank you for building this.
@andrew_briggs Thank you! A newsletter is just the beginning ;)
Great idea, it helps sift through so much content and points me to where I want to go. Definitely see the value of scaling this broadly across many topic domains and enabling others to share the finds with their own networks!
Just what I need! Everyday I'm shuffling
I find a lot of podcasts with interesting titles, but I often can’t find where in the podcast the thing I’m interested in lives. Shuffle offers a solution to this problem. Thank you Shuffle!