A self-sustainable plant growing system for any home. Effortless and effective. Grow anything from herbs to salad greens to fruits to vegetable to you name it!

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Hey, guys! We've just launched an indoor Wall Farm that will make growing fresh food indoor affordable and easy and we're super excited to be sharing it with you. The product line features 2 farms with different sizes, one of the Farms is a connected product. What do you guys think? We're definitely looking for feedback! A little bit about our technology: Instead of using complex growing systems, pumps and rock wool as the growing material, we're using our own technology (smart soil) that allows controlling the most important parameters affecting plant growth. Our technology helps to save water while increasing efficiency and reducing the environmental impacts of most plant production practices used today. We really wanted to make the Wall Farm line affordable to stand out from our competing products by not only our design and quality, but also the price. We're constantly working on giving everyone the means to grow their own food and we feel that this is a step in the right direction. The best part about the Wall Farms is that you actually do get to grow enough fresh food to really feel the value in the product. Enough salads, vegetables, fruits and herbs to substantiate the need for fresh clean food for a whole family.
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@shanacarp Thank you, Shana!
@liina_ilves I have the small one and it's perfect for my kitchen! Keep rocking.
@liina_ilves Ready to grow fresh veggies! :)
@emilanddc Glad to hear you're happy with the Smart Herb Garden! The Wall Farm work just as well!
Hmm. $59.95 per 20 refills per month. The smaller one fits 40 and the bigger one 60. $60 of fresh produce a month... without the variation and such of a CSA. I mean, it's pretty, but, as is my critique of the other Click and Grow product (of which, admittedly, I have two), there's a pricing premium that feels painful.
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@shloky Hi! We definitely offer variation to the Wall Farm owners: They can specifically choose which plants will make up those 20 refills and we have new plants coming out on a monthly basis. That also makes one of the plant pods cost around 2,95$ which we feel is not very overpriced for clean, local & fresh food. Plus, if you cut them right, many of the plants will give you a second harvest from the same pod. What do you feel a fair price point would be?
Love it. Hope you guys grow as fast and healthy as your produce!
@simonstjohn Thanks for the support Simon! We really appreciate it!
Really great idea and execution!
@juljuly Thanks! We've worked with the idea to offer our technology in larger scale units for a while now so we really appreciate the feedback!
@liina_ilves it's definitely a complicated case with the TA I imagine you are aiming for so will be interesting to follow your progress. Best of luck!
These are really cool! <3