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This week's topics: Arcades! Theaters! Camera! Oh my, big partnerships announced: Starbreeze & Acer, Starbreeze & IMAX, and IMAX & Google; Ela Darling (the "virtual reality porn queen") and Cam4 did the world's first live streamed VR cam show; Facebook acquires 3D audio company Two Big Ears; Rhapsody launches a VR app for music performance content; Target stocks Merge VR, the colorful smartphone-powered soft foam VR headset; we dive into Google VR and the Daydream ecosystem, and more... Special thanks to our guests: Andy Fidel: Content Creator/Social Media Lead Commetta & Host of Montreal VR Group Mike Murdock: Virtual Reality Director & Interface Designer at TriHelixVR Eric Chevalier: co-founder of VRScout Our podcast is the audio from a weekly live, participatory video show - every Thursday @ 7PM PST/10PM EST. Join us live here: http://www.VRScout.com/podcast or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes: http://bit.ly/iTunesVRScout or anywhere you listen to podcasts via RSS feed: http://bit.ly/VRScoutRSS