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100+ MicroConf videos now searchable and filterable

When MicroConf released their library of conference talks over the years, we were so excited to start digging into the content. Only problem? We couldn't search or filter! So we made this free site to do just that. πŸ˜…πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
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As long time MicroConf fans in the bootstrapper community, we were stoked when the MicroConf team released all their videos on their YouTube. We started to binge and then realized that YouTube did not make it very easy to find relevant videos and browse through the library... So we decided to make a free little site that aggregates the MicroConf videos in a way that makes them searchable and filterable! πŸ”Ž Search by title or speaker πŸ—“ Filter by year (2012-2020) πŸŽ™ Filter by edition (Keynote, Attendee Talk, etc) 🏷 Filter by tag (Bootstrapping, Marketing, User Feedback, etc) This is not officially affiliated with MicroConf and is a simple site to make it easier to watch *their* videos πŸ€“ Enjoy! p.s. my favorites are "Designing The Ideal Bootstrapped Business" by Jason Cohen, "Idea to Validation to Launch" by Ben Orenstein, and "From $0 to $10M ARR" by Ankur Nagpal πŸ™Œ
This was really fun to build! I couldn't believe how quickly @corey_haines and @chris_spagnuolo got it working with a no-code platform!
I’m pumped. Excited for this man. Good work!
This is really awesome, nice job!!!
Cool, its nice to have these centralized and searchable!