The Ultimate Performance Chinos by Woodies are custom fit pants that are 2-way stretch, quick dry & stain repellent. Guaranteed perfect fit.

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I've never seen a better fit than from a Woodies shirt. 👕 For real. It's impressive. I can't wait to see these pants IRL!
Hello Product Hunters! We just launched a new collection of Performance Chinos via @Kickstarter that we're very excited about. These chinos are 2-way stretch, quick dry, easy care & stain repellent. ...But above all else, we guarantee a perfect fit! With as little as your height, weight and average shirt size we can build an incredibly accurate 3D model of you, and extract all your measurements, in seconds (no tape measure required)! As always, I'd love your questions or feedback -- I'll be around to listen and answer questions. Check out the Kickstarter, and see what you think! I've opened up some of our Super Early Bird Pledges just for the Hunters. They'll be available for 24 hours. - Jacob

I want these.


Love the idea! Need these.