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@Rudina11 is Founder and Managing Partner of @GlasswingVC, Boston's own AI focussed fund. Prior to Glasswing, Rudina was a Partner at Fairhaven Capital, sering as lead investor and Director on the Boards of Celtra, CrowdTwist, Jibo, SocialFlow and Statisfy. Before Fairhaven, she was a Senior Manager in the Corporate Development Group at Microsoft where she was responsible for sourcing, structuring, and negotiating Microsoft's acquisitions and strategic investments. Rudina has served as Entrepreneur-In-Residence for Harvard Business School for 4 consecutive years and is an advisor for L’Oréal USA Women in Digital. Huge thanks to @jschorge for the intro to Rudina today. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Rudina made her way from Microsoft into VC with Fairhaven and then Glasswing? 2.) Why is now the time for an AI fund? What technological advances have happened to allow narrow artificial intelligence to come to the foreground in such a prominent way? 3.) Does the potential incumbency advantage in AI concern Rudina? How can founders look to mitigate this and gain access to substantial data sets? 4.) In terms of disruption cycles, where does Rudina believe we are in current cycles? How does this affect adoption cycles of technology? Why will this be the fastest ever? 5.) Predictions: How long till artificial super intelligence comes to the forefront? How long until mass adoption of driverless cars? Will this be a winner take all market? Items Mentioned In Today’s Episode: Rudina’s Fave Blog: Paris 1919 Rudina’s Fave Book: @WaitButWhy
@harrystebbings @rudina11 @glasswingvc @jschorge @waitbutwhy Really nice to hear what a native AI and Machine Learning culture may look like. Thanks @Rudina11