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@JamesCham is a Partner @BloombergBeta and one the pre-eminent thinkers in the machine learning space. Prior to Bloomberg, James was a Principal @ Trinity Ventures and before Trinity, James was a VP at Bessemer Venture Partners. At Bessemer, James was a Board Member of @CrowdFlower and Open Candy. However, James has not always been a VC as he was originally a programmer receiving his degree in Computer Science from Harvard. Huge thanks to @roybahat and @dba for the intro to James today! In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How James made his way into the wonderful world of VC from being a programmer? 2.) How are organizations and corporations thinking about machine learning? How are they looking to incorporate it into their current infrastructure? 3.) @KieranSnyder @Textio said, ‘the writing is on the wall for enterprise to embrace machine learning’. What are James' thoughts and how does the business model vary from licensed and SaaS? 4.) How is building machine learning models different from software development? On the topic of software development, how does James perceive the productivity differences between software developers? 5.) Moving to VC and how does James approach the investment decision making process as a VC? How does James relationship to religion intertwine with his investment career? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: James’ Fave Book: Man Who Lied To His Laptop James’ Fave Blog or Newsletter: @RobMay, @JackClarksf, @TylerCowen James’ Most Recent Investment: @Netlify