The Trough of Sorrow Hotline

Vent about your startup woes, anonymously

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Great idea, thanks @hnshah for sharing. An anonymous comment thread/discussion system would have been awesome. Not sure if I will be up for recording my voice speaking to a laptop mic when I am really in need of a product like this.
@jipy9 Thanks for checking us out and sharing your thoughts! We did include a comment box if people prefer to vent that way. Sometimes you need to yell...sometimes you need to use ALL CAPS :)
Thanks to @hnshah for submitting! My team at helps entrepreneurs pick up new startup skills from Silicon Valley experts so they can build their businesses better. Starting a company is really, REALLY hard. Not just tactically, but also emotionally (and sometimes even physically!). It can also be isolating. It's difficult to understand everything that goes into a business unless you have been there yourself. We made the "Trough of Sorrows Hotline" to help the startup community get some relief. It is weird. It is fun. It might actually be useful! Sometimes you just need to whine and pound your fists on the table...and maybe you do not want to do this in front of your investors or friends. We hope you take a look, try it out, or at least take a couple of extra deep breaths today :) Please feel encouraged to share your thoughts or comments! ~ Shea
Hilarious! As someone who's tried to start multiple startups, this is something that would have come in handy more than a handful of times. You should work on opening a founder therapy practice next lol!
@matt_n_the_hat glad you enjoyed :)
This app is really just market research. Let's see what ideas they come up with because of the feedback they get, in the trough.